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Saturday, November 24

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I know I didn't update in October. :( Sorry about that. I haven't written much, but I do have more of Untitled (which still doesn't have a name). Man, I'm falling behind! But at least I updated sooner than usual, right?


I'll write more soon, I promise.

Anyway, there you go. Check back soon--I may not wait until next month to update! (And there may be a few drawings too. Fingers crossed!)

Older updates


My name is Ava and I like to draw and write. As you can probably tell, this website is where I'll put up my stories, drawings, and photos.

If you like this website, please tell your friends about it!

Hi everyone! I'm finally updating! :) Yes, I know it's been over a month (!!!), and I'm sorry, but I'll try to update more often from now on. (I say that a lot, don't I?) I hope all of you are excited to read more of my stories!

I don't want to turn this into a cheesy "I wouldn't be here without all these people" thing, but I want to say a special thank you to:

Elianne, who has been behind me on this since it was just an idea and is one of my biggest fans (and best friends);

Grace, who reads my stories faithfully and is a fellow Taylor Swift fan;

Jill, who's an amazing friend and totally believes in me;

Meagan, who helps me with inspiration and who has been waiting and waiting for me to update (sorry!);

Hannah, who is awesome and loves kotlc* as much as I do, maybe more! (By the way, PLEASE don't worry about not having time to read!)

And Ellie, the Hamilton Queen, who probably doesn't even know her name is on here.

You guys are all so amazing and I don't know what I would do without you! <3

*Keeper of the Lost Cities

If you like to write, I have some tips:


--Be creative. No idea is too big or too ridiculous.

--Do you like what you write? Because sometimes, it doesn't matter whether anyone else likes your writing, it just matters that YOU do.

--Most of all, have fun!

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